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How To Start A Profitable Catering Business in 2021

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10 Precise Steps on How Start a Food Delivery Business From Home In Nigeria.

The food delivery business is taking a drastic upward curve recently. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, people have decided to stay home, hone their cooking skills and provide food for those who are not chanced or don't know how to cook.  You too can start this very lucrative business if you are interested and you know you can run it. For those that have decided to go ahead with it, let's start you up.                                      Ten things you need to know and prepare for before starting a food delivery business/service. 1.Know what you are good at. If you must serve food, you must answer this question; what do I know how to prepare perfectly? you might be very good in the preparation of so many dishes, but what I preach majorly is to focus on your speciality. If you can bake, then go into the baking field. If you can cook very well, then do it.  You don't want to do trial and error with customers food. Wofai fada started with just Edikang ikong and she did pretty w

All you need to know about body detox. The steps on how to detox for weight loss and simple detox recipes

So, last week, my Elder sister came around with her kids and stayed for two days. Before she left, she prepared a very nice groundnut-rice pudding(which I will share with you soon). This pudding was so interesting that my younger brother had to take too many. Not to lie, I took a lot too. But like my brother.  To cut long story short, he began to constipate, felt very weak and was going to the toilet like now and then. That didn't stop him from eating hot fufu and ogbono soup the next day. This made matters worse and he has been trying to settle the matter by himself.  He took so many many medicines and analgesics but nothing. he was still feeling heavy and sluggish.  So I came in, put a full day detox plan and the science happened. See, the body has its way of healing itself and correcting abnormalities. If only we can step back a little bit, take some simple measures and super easy diet plan. Don't get me wrong, the body does not necessarily need any diet to eliminate toxins.

Top 7 online food jobs that you can start from home and get paid in Nigeria. 6 is legitimate and 1 is not or is it

Good day Guys. I bring you good tidings. Its no news to even the smallest among us that the corona virus pandemic is causing havoc every day; to our daily lives, that of people we know, our country and to the whole world at large. Many people have lost their jobs and for others who still has their jobs, their salaries have been slashed to half. Many countries are already experiencing an economic breakdown, recession and other situation that will affect the finances of your family.  In all, the world is changing from the way we use to know it. It is no longer a survival of the fittest but the smartest. So for good foodies out there, I bring you good news. Instead of whiling away time online and doing almost nothing, you can channel your time and resources toward food-related services in exchange for cash.  It is no longer a survival of the fittest but the smartest and the commited. Here are the top 7 online food jobs that you can do from home. 1. Food delivery service: Since the beginni

3 Simple and Nutritious Salads to Try With Family at Home When Practising Healthy Diet

The term salad or hors d oeuvre is one term that comes with the thought of greens, fruits and creams like mayonnaise, yoghurt or milk. And in that way, it is considered boring by some, occasional by some and food for the rich by many in Nigeria. But a salad can be as cheap and simple as you make it. You can go ahead and salad your salad every day because it is healthy, tasty and relatively cheap to prepare. Hors d oeuvre or salad may be served as an accompaniment to hot and cold foods and can be taken alone as dishes. Salad may also be simple or mixed. it is considered simple when just one ingredient is used and mixed when more than one ingredient is used. Accompaniments may include dressings like vinaigrette, mayonnaise and olive oil. And cold sauces like green sauce, remoulade sauce and lots more. Okay, enough of the lectures already. Let's jump to the part where we eat. Three awesome and nutritious salad to try with family at home I. Potato and chicken salad . As the name goes,

Healthy eating tips and habits that you should practice during this corona virus pandemic.

With the coronavirus pandemic getting broader every day, and with the fact that there hasn't been a cure for it yet, the government of various countries have mandated a lockdown. This act has been characterized by binge eating, panic buying, fear of the low immune system, and hunger in most cases. With the turn of event, I must do a few awareness on how to eat healthily, eat thriftily and maintain a healthy diet.  So below are several tips you will need to survive and save cash for tomorrow. Let us ride on! 5 Healthy eating tips that you should practice. 1. Love your fruits and vegetable. Of course, you know that this will be the first one. At a time like this, you will need all the minerals and vitamins that you can get, and fruits and vegetables, orange, Tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, spinach, onions will grace your body with a good amount of Vitamin A, C, K, zinc, iron and lots more that makes your body fresh, skin glowing, and you happy as nothing happened. 2. Limit highly proce

CHRISTMAS HAMPER BONANZA!!! (sponsored post)

🎄 🎇  It's that time of the year when we express our love and share gift with loved ones, make this time to appreciate someone you care about with lovely hampers and gifts from us this season. For our Christmas hamper bonanza, we have three packs; Standard, Exclusive and customizable pack. STANDARD PACK (NGN 10000) - Fonio (acha) cereal - 1kg - Fonio (acha) flour - 1kg - Ofada rice (Brown rice) - 1kg - Ijebu garri - 1kg - Unripe plantain flour - 1kg - Beans flour - 1kg - Cray fish - 1pack - Dried crayfish - half pack - Red palm Oil - 2 litres EXCLUSIVE PACK (NGN20000) + Unripe plantain flour - 3kg + Ijebu garri - 3kg + Fonio cereals - 2kg + Fonio flour - 2kg + Bean flour - 2kg + Red palm oil - 4 litres + Dried catfish - 1 kg + Crayfish - 2 packs + Ofada rice - 2 kg + Original pure honey For the CUSTOMIZABLE PACK you get to choose what should be in your basket and still at a bonus rate. We also offer - Free within Abuja and relatively cheap delivery service outside


HOW PREPARE COCONUT RICE. Except for those who are allergic to nuts or dont like coconuts for their personal reasons, coconut rice is one recipe that is cherished by all. I for one like coconut rice and I can be cooking it daily, if not for the stress of grating and juicing out the the milk from the nuts. And to relieve of going through that stress,one can now buy already extracted, packaged coconut milk or powder which can be add to work and voila your coconut rice is on it way. PREP TIME: 20 mins         COOK TIME:  30 mins        SERVE: 4 cups         DIFFICULTY: Easy INGREDIENTS. The milk of three medium sized coconuts (about three cups). 3 cups of parboiled Rice. 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. 2 cubes of Knorr seasoning. Half tablespoons of salt. A medium sized onion (diced) Half cup of diced carrots. Half cup of sliced green beans.  Half cup of sliced green peppers. A full tablespoon of chopped fresh pepper. Salt to taste. MATERIALS NEEDED. A cookin


How to Make Potato Balls Potato balls were invented from the need to be creative, even though the methods involved are that of an already existing one. I believe you can easily find your way around the recipe if you follow instructions keenly. Okay, let's do this. Prep time: 1 hour            Cook time:30 minutes                Serve: 4 people                 Difficulty: Normal INGREDIENTS 10 medium-sized Irish Potatoes (washed, scrubbed and diced) I fresh medium-sized mackerel fish. 2 large raw eggs. 3 pieces of habanero peppers (chopped).  2 knorr seasoning cubes 1/2 tablespoon of salt. 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil. 1 medium-sized bulb onion. (diced) 1 teaspoon of curry and thyme each. Oil for frying. FOR THE DOUGH 5 Cups/ 625 grams of bread or all-purpose flour. 1 full tablespoon of active dry yeast. 2 - 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar. 1 full tablespoon of powdered milk 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. 1 cup of warm water 1 he


Rice is a very common food in every part of the world. It popularity in Nigeria is even on a higher scale. An average Nigeria party without rice is no party at all. And just like every other part of the world that has a special rice recipe, Nigeria is not left out. There are basically six different rice recipes that are common in Nigeria and my dear bachelor, spinster or student, not knowing how to cook these recipes before marrying that foodie or leaving for school can be catastrophic. Okay let's help one another out with this recipes. 6. On the number six spot we have coconut rice . Sincerely this rice recipe is not in the rear because its bad. On the contrary, it is also sweet that you wont get enough of this food. The only thing that makes it number six is because it is not everyday and every body's food and the stress that comes with grating coconut for the juice. And while many people like to add the shredded flesh of coconut, i Just like my coconut rice with jus