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The beauty of Nigerian Cuisines herbs and spices Let's talk about herbs and spices. Let's talk about the condiments that does not only add flavour, taste and beauty to our dishes, but also comes with so much health benefits ( this aspect many does not know). There are lots and loads of herbs and spices available-Pepper, thyme, rosemary,Oregano, basil, parsley, curry powder, bay leaf, turmeric, nutmeg, ginger, garlic chives and lots more. Majorly, the herbs are the leafy ones and the spices are the ones from other parts of the plant, say roots, stems, flower.   Now, we have come up the top seven herbs and spices most used in Nigeria. 1. Pepper : Pepper is often described as the 'king of spices', and it is a major condiment in our every day meal. As a Nigerian, one can hardly go a day without tasting anything that does contain pepper (especially for the Yoruba people of the south western part of Nigeria). The word 'pepper' originated from the Sa

The 'what to eat' dilemma

The joy of eating OK, this night is different from all nights. Oh sorry, it is not different. It is just one of those nights when you don't actually know what to eat (am not the only one experiencing this right!) but you are just hungry. And after beating around the bush, you ended up eating something not more ok, something outside the box. So, I sat down with my family thinking of what to prepare for dinner, considering the fact that we have exhausted all the possible day to day meal since the starting of the week (today being thursday). And I tell you this, you definitely will run out of food when you run out of cash. Now, Nigeria is a country where people go through an unwritten, unplanned routine of dishes every week without noticing (lets say rice of any sort, beans, stew, soup like egusi, scrambled egg and rice again. whats more?). Like I was saying, after much contemplation, we ended up eating bread and bean cakes for dinner (this is common when you want to do t


THE FASCINATING TOP FIVE. One can never tell what might come your way when you dig deep into the past culture of the ancient world. I never knew where the first cookbook came from, neither did I know where the idea of bread stamps and labels originated from until I studied the ancient Greece, mainly their food culture. Here are the top five fascinating facts 1. I n the ancient Greece, onions and cheese were mostly for the soldiers Allium Majorly, in ancient Greece, garlic, cheese and onions were the fares of the soldiers, this was so obvious that the smell of onions portrays the presence of soldiers. But I guess those guys didn't like what they were getting because after the war they melodiously sang 'sings Oh! joy, joy! No more helmet, no more cheese nor onions! 2. The men ate separately from the women. a greek banquet In the ancient Greece, it was the norm of dinning that the men eat separately from the women then the slaves.In a poor home, th


TOP FIVE SNACKS THAT WILL MAKE YOUR BIRTHDAY ROCK Birthday celebration is one that comes with so much anxiety of what to do to make it memorable and a long lasting one. One of the areas that holds so much confusion is the preparation of foods and snacks for one's birthday. You would agree with me when I tell you that one of the things people look back to when it comes to birthdays is the food. I for one do that alot. Below are some snacks that will make your birthday a memorable one. Starting from the rear we have: Image by  Mikelo  via wikipedia CAKES : Of course this made the list. I can't say for sure when cake became a number one priority in the preparation for birthdays,but I can boldly say this; cake rocks. Now here is the big deal, I am tired of eating the same kind of cake over and over again in different birthday parties. There are thousand type of cakes in the world, why the same cake, different decorations and probably different flavours. Trying new th