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MAKING YOUR FOOD EXPERIENCE COUNT photo credit:  flickr We live in a world where memories fades away quickly at the advent of a new one. The luxury of moments are now being shattered by the awakening of another. But with food still existing, memories will last Okay, as you all know am a foodie to the core and I pledged my allegiance. Even though I have few other tricks to create lasting memories, I still prefer to go through the food route. Now food will never let you down, not when you share it with people that matters. CREATE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMENT : This one you likely want to do in sweet times like birthdays. Now, the moment is not in the food itself, it is in the timing.You know that moment when you just wake somebody up at around 12 midnight of his or her birthday with a cake and candle lighted up, singing the happy birthday song (and not minding the voice). This trick can be said to be one of the sweetest lasting memories ever created. photo credit: Brainy qu


GOING BACK IN TIME TO DISCOVER HOW BIRTHDAY CAKES BECAME A REALITY gotten from: pixabay It never bumped into my mind why we use cakes for birthday (not until now), why not bread which is older, pancake which is easier or rice which is universal? This question did not disturb me until I had to bake a cake for my mum's birthday( you will definitely see the cake). So I got myself busy searching for answer and here is what I came up with; The earliest history of cakes being used for birthdays could be traced back to the ancient Greece in the 5th century B.C, where flat and round bread like pastry, sweetened with honey and nuts. where used to celebrate occasions, birthdays includes, among the wealthy. Though there is no fact pointing to any specific birthday celebrant in the ancient Greece. Another account holds that the earliest form of cake and candles can be traced to the the ancient Greeks giving their offerings to honour Artemis, a goddess who had dominion over the


HOW TO ROCK YOUR CUTLERY IN FIVE SIMPLE STEPS Talking about how to use cutlery in public will look under rating, as many want to believe that they can use one properly. In a country like mine where spoon is mostly the cutlery used in most dishes, and the rest we eat we our hands, people feel it is not needed. The problem here is not where to use it but how to use it. Now you need not go too far as you can learn how to use it right here, right now. 1 . Hold the fork on your left hand and the knife on the right hand (In restaurants, the forks are usually on the left hand side of the plate, the knife and spoon are on the right hand side of the plate.   photo credit: Church mouse 2. When using the fork and knife, the fork tips (the prongs) should face downward, as this will enable you to have a better grip of your portion 3. While holding the portion with the fork, use the knife to cut through a mouthful portion (not too big and not too small). 4. Let the fork meet


CLEAN TIPS ON HOW NOT TO GAIN MORE WEIGHT AND LOSE THE ALREADY GAINED WEIGHT weight loss Okay, one of the tough challenges faced in modern times is the issue of losing weight or, lemme say watching ones body in other not to gain weight. But another most disappointing thing is the level of risk people take in other to lose weight; they try engage themselves in diets that is dangerous to their health (some diets is definitely dangerous to the health),take all sorts of weight loss pills, they exercise vigorously and starve themselves unnecessarily (this I am guilty of). But sincerely, Losing weight is hard. okay, I am not discouraging you from keeping up with that weight loss schedule. I am only saying there are ways you can do it without getting waist cramps and giving up the joy of eating totally. Here are some not so discouraging and not so serious ways you easily lose weight. 1. DRINK WATER BEFORE EATING : drinking water before eating will do the trick of making you


Homemade ice cream just got easier and better So I just came back from a long trip, open the fridge to take a sachet water and there was none, instead it was ice blocks everywhere. My brother commented instantly that the light has been stable this period. Immediately, the idea of ice cream just danced through my head. I instantly told him lets make ice and I decided to make it fast with less ceremony and it came out better. Believe me when I tell you that you won't forget this ice cream in a hurry. It didn't cost me more than six hundred N aira to make a litre of ice cream. Yours might be less if you have the under listed ingredients at home. ALL YOU NEED Two tins of milk (I used three crown). 1 cup of sugar three medium sized eggs (separate the egg white from the york). vanilla extract . gelatine powder (for a gel - like creamier ice cream but it is optional). lilac food colouring ( optional) .