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We live in a world where memories fades away quickly at the advent of a new one. The luxury of moments are now being shattered by the awakening of another. But with food still existing, memories will last Okay, as you all know am a foodie to the core and I pledged my allegiance. Even though I have few other tricks to create lasting memories, I still prefer to go through the food route. Now food will never let you down, not when you share it with people that matters.
CREATE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMENT: This one you likely want to do in sweet times like birthdays. Now, the moment is not in the food itself, it is in the timing.You know that moment when you just wake somebody up at around 12 midnight of his or her birthday with a cake and candle lighted up, singing the happy birthday song (and not minding the voice). This trick can be said to be one of the sweetest lasting memories ever created.
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DINNER AT HOME: Caesar Chavez once said; "if you really want to make a friend, go to someone's house an eat with him.. The people who gives you their food give you their their heart". Dinner with friends is a culture that has existed since the ancient time, and it still works till date. You just invite a friend or few friends for dinner at home. Dinner can cost a lot but most times it's totally worth it. The trick is knowing what they eat and what they don't, what they like and don't. Also, make sure there are varieties, and in abundance (I told you it cost a lot). Eat on the same table and talk(sorry but this table manner just have to pass).
TREAT SOMEBODY TO A FINE DINNER: quite similar, except this time it's in a fine restaurant. Majorly, people do this for many reasons ( mostly for dates), but for any reason you are doing this, the deal is to create a beautiful and lasting moments. I will leave the rest to you.
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LET THEM COOK FOR YOU: This you only want to do with friends and siblings. I remembered the first time I allowed my two young siblings to use the kitchen (though with so much guide). They prepared noodles, brought it for my comments. After taking a spoon (My God, I don't want to think about it), I gave them sweet compliments. Till today, they still talk about their first day in the kitchen. Now the trick here is to go with the flow. You might be a better cook than your friend but don't go picking up mistakes and fault here and there. Just enjoy the moment and compliments. Okay, I know we all have that one friend that will surely say his mind regardless, but most friends do it in a funny way that comes with no harm and condemnation.

COOK TOGETHER: this does not only create impression but it's also romantic. I often see this thing in movies where the couples will be in the kitchen and the guy just takes a frost and put it on her nose and she retaliate and on and on they go making a mockery of the cake. That is fun isn't it? That is the joy of being in the kitchen together. It does not only show love and trust, but also gives room for no excuses or blames when dinner is ruined.
INVITE AN ENTERTAINMENT CHEF: This is a thing that couples need to try at times (though it works better with you two alone). We have chefs that entertains you with their kitchen skills as well as make awesome dishes. You know all those hot pot meals and those restaurants where the food is prepared right in front of you. I can tell you from a foodie's view that there is nothing as satisfying as you watching the chef work with is hand and his knife.
WATCH A MOVIE: Initially, I wanted to tell you to go to the cinema, but you can't get all the goodies there. Popcorn is not the only thing that makes makes interesting. So, on the contrary, just get a movie and enjoy with your friend. You get to eat whatever you want and can also get to pause the movie anytime.
ATTEND A FOOD EVENT: I attended a food event recently so I can tell how fun filling it would be to go with a friend. You get to try new foods, take good pictures and enjoy outdoors.
I wish to go further with the picnic and camping part but that would be boring right? You too can add your own way to create long lasting impressions too by leaving your comments below. Don't forget to share this post to your friends through the social media links


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