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Purple Onion/justfoodup One of the joy of eating is the beauty of plating, the presentation. This is what makes the restaurant selfie a killer picture. But what of the situation where you don't get to be happy about the bright colour of food, the illustration of food art. What of a situation where you get to be aware of the fact that the colour in your veggies is very beneficial to your health. The purple in onions, the orange in carrots, green in spinach and so on. Now that's the joy of eating you would say. Follow me as we embrace the nutritional benefits of the natural glowing colour of our fruits and vegetables. Purple in Onions :  The purple colour in onions is caused by a pigment called flavonoid. These flavonoids are chemicals which act as antioxidants and antibiotics, protecting the body against cell damage, germs and inflammations. There are different varieties of onions but the purple onions contains more flavonoids than the other varieties. Also, resear

7 THINGS YOU ARE DOING WRONG IN THE KITCHEN DAILY: depriving yourself of healthy diets.

salt shakers For ages now, we have been depriving ourselves of the adequate joy of eating. Our kitchens have been like somebody using the same type of perfume for long, people get to be aware of his presence without seeing him. I have been to places where I get the same consistency, taste and aroma of food over and over again. I am not blaming anybody, I am only hinging on the fact that some steps and processes taken in the kitchen are not just bad but also depriving us of the nutrients, taste and aroma of the food we ought to enjoy. I have tasted a particular kind of food but cooked by different people, using different techniques. While I just pray to finish some meal in time, I virtually cried joyfully from the exquisite burst of flavours dancing around my taste buds (yes, food can do that do). Here are the mistakes done on a daily basis in our kitchen that is bad. 1. OVERCOOKED FOODS : These has been a big threat to the nutrients in our food for ages. I have heard


This post ought to have come earlier, considering the fact that many people just want to enter that kitchen and do those so called magic that they see inside the plate. That you see is not magic, it is just a strategically planned heating up of different ingredients in a pot to disclose their flavour, taste, and aroma collectively. Okay, the explanation is a little over the top. Cooking is just the addition of heat to one or different ingredients to a stage where they are not only collectively edible but also pleasant to your sense of smell, taste and appealing to the eyes (this is quite simple I guess).  Cooking is no big deal except you are in the profession of cooking. For someone who just want to enjoy a healthy homemade meal, you need not make it look like rocket science. Though I must admit  that you are bound to make few mistakes before getting it right but you will surely end up inviting your friends for dinner. Here are some simple steps that will not only get you


plantain pancakes and millet pap. Pancakes in itself, is just one food you can't get tired of. If you think you have had enough of pancakes, then you should try this pancake with a little twist. Plantain, as we all know is the much older brother of banana which happens to be the common ingredient usually added to pancakes. The use of plantain will not only make the pancake more bulky but it minerals and vitamins content can't be overemphasised. Let's get down to business. INGREDIENTS 1 ripe plantain- peeled and mashed. flour- 250g/ 2 cups. Raw eggs- 2 large ones. butter- 50g/full tablespoon. baking powder- 3/4 teaspoon. powder/liquid milk- 50g/ 250ml. Sugar- 2- 3 tablespoons. salt- 1 teaspoon For toppings Honey, maple syrup or peanut butter. PREPARATION BEFORE COOKING Sieve the flour, baking powder, salt, sugar and the powdered milk( if you are using the powdered milk) together in a container. In another bowl, lightly beat the eggs, me

THE NOODLE STORY; the noodle journey to Nigeria.

noodles in Nigeria The controversy of who invented the noodle that we consume today is hot. Some think it's the Chinese because they are the major promoter of the food, I mean you see it in most Chinese movie you watch. Some think it's the Germans because the name noodle is derived from a German word 'nudel', others think it must be from the Italian because of their rich pasta history. But who really created noodles? Unlike knowing when a television or telephone was exactly invented, the knowledge of who and where the first noodle was made is not yet known, but the earliest trace of noodle can be seen in a book dated back to 22-220 A.D in the Eastern Han dynasty in China. An empirical evidence of a 4000 year old bowl of noodles was unearthed in China by archaeologists in 2005. This has been seen as the earliest physical example of noodles found. the noodles was found in a Northwestern part of China called Qinghai, and the thin long yellow noodles, after analy


PREPARING THE CONFIRM EFO RIRO Unless you are arriving Nigeria for the first time, you should be used to the aroma and the unbeatable taste of the Nigerian Efo riro. Though a Yoruba delicacy, efo riro has not only gained the respect of most Nigerian kitchen, but it is one soup you can't say no to. Preparing efo riro is not the problem, the issue is in getting your efo riro right. To prepare the proper Yoruba efo riro (not the water flowing type) all you need is the proper ingredients and the right cooking direction. in this efo riro, a vegetable called worowo( Solancio biafrae) was used, to give originality to the soup. You can use spinach too.Okay, let's get down to business. INGREDIENTS Fresh scotch Bonnet pepper (normal ata rodo ) - 8 pieces (depending on how hot you want to be). Tomatoes - three pieces onions - 1/2 bulb. African Locust beans (iru ) - 2-3 tablespoons Smoked Mackerel fish (titus ) - 1 large size Cow skin (pomo ) - as much as you

VEGETABLE IN ALL IT GOODNESS; there is no need for food supplements.

WHY FRIED RICE IS THE MOST NUTRITIOUS FOOD YOU CAN GET IN NIGERIA photo credit: just food up/fried-rice-is-bae/ Veggies in all it goodness I have heard people say I don't eat fried rice, I don't like the veggies inside. Dear you are missing a lot. To all the lovers of fried rice you would agree with me that this rice delicacy is not only sumptuous, exquisite but also a die-for meal. What you might not know is the fact that fried rice is not only a meal to eat when you are hungry, but it is a meal for those who look forward to balancing their diet. The rice is main ingredient in fried rice, but the vegetables ( in the right quantity) will help you reach your daily recommended nutrient intake. These veggies which include but not limited to red and green bell pepper, green beans, sweet peas, carrots, sweet corns, scallions, onions E.T.C contains good amounts of minerals and vitamins. Also, we have ginger, garlic, thyme, curry embedded in this party delish.


MISTAKES THAT EVEN BAKERS MAKE. Coffee cake. WORK WITH A RECIPE : A food recipe is that material that contains the ingredients, measurement, portions or servings, nutritional (in some cases) and directions on how to prepare a particular food. There was a time I hyped myself, prepared donuts without my recipe and it turned chewy. Preparing cake requires precision and accuracy. Accurate measurement is the foundation of a good cake. Okay, You are a baker and you have done this over and over again I know. It does not matter if it is your personal recipe or your signature dish, not everybody will always demand a ten inches cake ( unless that is your only speciality) and doing guess work is like passing through a road you already know but this time blindfolded. On the other hand, if you are just an amateur or enthusiast who just want to try a new cake recipe, don't just read through, drop the book and go on baking all through. There will be so many mistake that you can'


COMMON HARMFUL FOODS EXPOSED MARGARINE : This might cause a controversy, considering the fact that margarine is majorly used in bakeries instead of butter, but this contains a regrettable amount of trans fat and saturated fat( like the animal fat) and this fat is not good for your health, as excess and frequent use of this can lead to high blood pressure (hypertension) . Also, if you are watching your weight, then this is not the stuff you should be taking. Some people still go to the extent of spreading it on bread (which already contains fat). RED MEAT : These is highly consumed in Nigeria homes without knowing the effect in the long run. Red meat, when seldom eaten ( like eating small portions twice a week) will do no harm. Eating this meat too often is bad as it has been shown to contain heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons when cooked to a well done state and in very high temperature, which is said to be carcinogenic (may lead to cancer) in Anim