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This post ought to have come earlier, considering the fact that many people just want to enter that kitchen and do those so called magic that they see inside the plate. That you see is not magic, it is just a strategically planned heating up of different ingredients in a pot to disclose their flavour, taste, and aroma collectively. Okay, the explanation is a little over the top. Cooking is just the addition of heat to one or different ingredients to a stage where they are not only collectively edible but also pleasant to your sense of smell, taste and appealing to the eyes (this is quite simple I guess). 

Cooking is no big deal except you are in the profession of cooking. For someone who just want to enjoy a healthy homemade meal, you need not make it look like rocket science. Though I must admit  that you are bound to make few mistakes before getting it right but you will surely end up inviting your friends for dinner. Here are some simple steps that will not only get you started but will also get you going in the kitchen.

GET A KITCHEN: This may sound funny or stupid but that is definitely the first way to start  cooking. By getting a kitchen, I don't mean  you should have place you call kitchen parse, Get your kitchen in order. Make your kitchen cooking-ready, get your kitchen tools, utensils and other things you will need in the kitchen. These might not necessarily be sophisticated kitchen wares and tools, just simple tools that will make cooking easy and achievable. So I tell you this again, get a kitchen.

WORK WITH A RECIPE: Thanks to the Internets, there are hundreds of thousand recipes online, both local dishes and continental. This recipes also comes with time frame for every step taken in the cooking process. That is what you want to do, follow the recipe strictly, at least for the time being. You can also buy cookbooks that pertains to your food taste. This will go a long way.  

START SMALL: The best way to start learning how to cook is to start small. When you are following a recipe, try to make the portion as small as possible. Cooking for two is just the best way to start. This will not only give you confident to move on, it will also reduce waste peradventure the food goes bad.

SEEK HELP: When it comes to cooking, there are different ways one can seek help. Get a private tutor, watch videos online, getting your friend to teach you, attending a cooking class, watch cooking shows, and the lists goes on and on. Just go with whichever suits you. Just learn to ask when you need something. and remember, it won't last forever, not even for long.

BE OPEN TO CORRECTION: This is coming as childish but even professional chefs would not denial the importance of being open to correction in the kitchen. It creates room for perfection. Do not feel discouraged or condemned even your food get the cross comments, instead try to make adjustments.

BE FREE AND CONFIDENT: One of the reasons why people fail to try is the fear of failing. 
Being in the kitchen initially can be very intimidating, but being free and confident is the key to success in the kitchen. Be free and make cooking fun. Don't be rigid with decisions, be confident with your results. From experience, I have realised that the difference between a tasty food and a tasteless one might be a pinch of salt, and this step is one of the hardest decision to make in the kitchen. The more you advance never be scared to try new methods, varieties and add twist to the taste.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: The  place of practice in cooking can not be overemphasised. The more often you make a dish the better you become in making. And if there is that food that is giving you tough time, just keep practising. Some recipe just don't want to come right on, but don't give it up. This recipe might come so easy to others but you are just not getting it. It happens, even to professional chefs. Just keep practising.

Remember, the best way to get it right is to keep doing it. I wish you all the best as you take this steps into your cooking adventure. If you have any question, do not forget to ask, we will answer in the best possible way.



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