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TUESDAY BREAKFAST TWIST: Yamarita with Mackerel fish sauce.

Justfoodup:sauce and yamarita Are you looking for a breakfast with a tasty memory that will last all day long, or you are looking for the food that can easily and Wonderfully be packed into lunch boxes, then here is what you are looking for: the perfect fish sauce and fried yam. INGREDIENTS Fresh tomatoes- 5 balls (ripe and firm) scotch bonnets pepper- 5-7 (depending on how hot you want to be). Onions- 1 medium sized bulb garlic (optional)- one clove Fresh or Smoked Mackerel fish ( titus) - 1 medium size. Seasoning cubes- 2 cubes salt to taste crayfish(optional)- 1 blended tablespoon vegetable oil (preferably soya oil) - half cup( if you are using non stick pan)/ 1 cup (normal frying pan) PREPARATION Chop the tomatoes, pepper and onions together (do not puree, just grind to coarseness). Boil the fresh Fish with a pinch of salt and small part of your seasoning cubes(this should be for 5 minutes). After boiling, break into small size or chunks(depending on how