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Knorr Taste Quest Season 5.

Okay guys, this is top secret. Did I tell you I was auditioned for recent Knorr taste quest season 5 edition, i.e the battle of flavours edition. Yes, I applied, got shortlisted, and was auditioned. Before someone start saying this guy is one badass dude, let me break to you that I was not picked for stage three because I messed up pretty bad. I got so confined to the box that I couldn't think outside it. So here is what really took place.
Gbolabo Adebakin; winner of KTQ season 5.

On the first day of the audition, which was meant to be round one, we were asked different questions relating to our knowledge of the kitchen and how conversant we were with food terminologies. I particularly was asked to briefly explain the things I have done in the kitchen that is not the normal day recipe routines. After busting out with crazy recipes and some improvisation techniques have used in the past, I was given the green signal to the next round. I went home feeling like a pro (you know that feeling of being picked amongst hundreds of people).

I got to the venue the next day, which has being scheduled for the stage two of the audition. I never never knew I was gonna meet my Waterloo here. One of the supervisors was there to hint us on what we were about to face, how tougher and  tasky it was going to be. As the audition began, it was so disturbing to see participants being evicted and leaving for their homes. Even people that have attended the show and failed more than once, as well as those that I have been sneaking to listen to try  get some pointers. By this time, the qualified were so few that they can't be described as handful.

When it got to my turn, I was asked to identify a particular vegetable amongst others on the table. And guess what! I failed it. I saw this thing that looked looked like cabbage, and I went on to say cabbage. I was asked the type of cabbage it was and I said white cabbage (feeling myself now). One of the judges stood up, went under the table and brought out a cabbage, and asked what it was, I instantly recognised it as a cabbage (now feeling so out of place). So he asked me to pick the former vegetable, smell and identify it, as that would be my pass to the next question. I picked it up smelled it, and realised it was lettuce. Before you go saying ''where are you from that you can't identify lettuce?'' Of course I have seen, used and ate lettuce before. But we don't get to see the bally type of lettuce in Nigerian markets. What we mostly have are the leafy ones and that I know.

As if that was not enough, the other judge went ahead to mention to me that said I am creative when it comes to recipes, and I affirmed that. He asked me to look at the table. And there were varieties of ingredients and food items on the table. He then picked fresh mackerel fish, whole coconut, fresh habaneros pepper and cashew nuts and then asked me to come up with a name of a recipe after 5 seconds. mentioning the fact that I can add any other ingredient on the table, but the aforementioned ingredients must be used. By this time, I have never felt so confused in my life. I came with two name: cold mackerel salad and grilled mackerel (which I was close on that one). But I couldn't bring myself to combine those four odd foods together. After what seems to be


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