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HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR We at Just Food Up want to say a big thank you to our esteemed viewers, acquaintances, friends and subscribers. You have made 2018 a wonderful year for us and we are truly grateful. Thank you stopping by, thank you for hanging around, and thank you for liking our page on Facebook, following us on Instagram and twitter. Thank you for trying out our recipes and giving us feedback. Thank you for sharing our recipes with friends and lots more. We say thank you! thank you!! thank you!!! On the other hand we at J.F.U is promising you bigger packages, more flavourful recipes, breathtaking health tips and a good time in our blog in 2019 . We promise to be better, more persistent and more user-friendly. We promise is you a sweet 2019. WE ARE HAPPY TO HAVE WORKED WITH YOU IN 2018 AND WE WISH TO DO MORE IN 2019. We wish you a delightful 2019 full of food enlightenment, flavourful taste and utmost joy of e


 IF YOU THINK YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO MAKE CHIN CHIN, THEN YOU HAVE NOT  TRIED THIS PERFECT CHIN CHIN RECIPE. photo credit: jfu/Soft crunchy chin chin Chin Chin as we all know is an on-the-go snack that cannot make it passed any celebration. Chin chin is one snack that comes to mind when you want a snack to munch on in sleep-overs, casual get together, film night, birthdays and lots more. Okay let's get down to business. INGREDIENTS All purpose flour 4 cups/ 500 grams Butter 150 cups Sugar half cup/100 grams Evaporated Milk 1 liquid tin. Eggs (optional) 1 big size. Nutmeg powder 1 tsp. Baking powder half teaspoon salt half teaspoon. Oil for frying 3 cups Chill water 1 cup. PREPARATION - Add the dry ingredients, say flour, salt, nutmeg powder, sugar together. Mix toget


THE PERFECT NIGERIAN NATIVE RICE. Photo credit: Justfoodup When we talk about (in the kitchen Obviously) we start bringing up words like jollof rice, fried rice, other sorts of rice. What does not to mind too often is native palm oil rice. We only think about most often when we just have little interest eating something more native and traditional. This particular food has been slaying for generation now in Nigeria. So let's take you back in time to a meal call perfect. INGREDIENTS photo credit: Just food up Rice 3 cups. Fresh pepper (chopped)              4 pieces  Dried or smoked fish                    200 grams Onion                                              1 medium bulb(chopped).                                                                                                        Locust beans (iru, dadawa)         1 tbp. crayfish (ground)                           Half tbp pump


THE VERY BEST ISAPA ELEGUSI YOU CAN GET. isapa and isapa elegusi If you have been sticking around for so long you will be able to tell by now that this is the place for the best Nigerian delicacies. We have done Ogbono soup , pepper soup, efo riro with wororo and lots more. This is another turn towards the local direction, Egusi with isapa. Isapa which is Roselle in english, white zobo leaves and white hibiscus in the street, is accessible and its eaten by most ethnic groups in Nigeria, especially the Yorubas. Lets go straight to the point: INGREDIENTS Dry egusi (melon) seeds             1 cup (ground). Blended tomatoes and pepper    1 and half cups Stock fish (optional)                   1 medium head. Crayfish (ground)                       1 tablespoon Isapa(white zobo; picture above). one and half cups (cured and washed thoroughly). palm Oil(red oil)                         1 cup. Goat or cow meat                       500 gms. Locust beans (iru)           


Cravings We all know what it means to crave for something. What many people don't know is this; at times, when we eat, it is not because we are "really" hungry but because are are craving for that food. There was this time in my life when I got so obsessed with eating Bread bun. I couldn't resist the aroma of this snack and I eat it whenever possible. Even when full, I still have small space for bread bun. It got to a time, I couldn't take my mind off this snack. I couldn't wait to leave work and grab this on my way home. When I realised I was spending a lot cash buying this snack, I had to force myself to stop. I still eat bread buns once or twice, when I feel like it. Food cravings are intense desires for food. They are different from hunger, which is driven by the physiological need to eat. Food cravings are more related to appetite, which is driven by the psychological need to eat. HOW DO WE CRAVE If eat a particular type of food when in


Sauteed veggies. Photo Credit: Flickr HOW TO SAUTE VEGETABLES. Put a pan on medium heat and add oil or butter. Let it get hot, then add the vegetables. Leave them to cook for a minute or so. If you’re using tougher vegetables like carrots, add about ¼ cup of water and put a lid over the pan to let the vegetables steam a bit. Let them cook for a few minutes, until they get tender and the water is almost gone. For more tender vegetables like green beans, just add a bit of water but don’t cook them for too long. Next, add any flavourings that need heat, like garlic or dry spices. Let everything cook, stirring or tossing occasionally until the garlic is translucent. At this point, shut off the heat and add tender flavourings like olives or lemon (optional), along with salt and pepper. Always remember the salt and pepper! Serve immediately.


OGBONO SOUP Ogbono soup. Photo credit: JFU Ogbono soup is mainly a delicacy of the south east, but it has won it way to the kitchen of other ethnic in Nigeria and diaspora. The main ingredient in ogbono soup is the ogbono seed (Irvingia nuts) which makes the soup draw and slimy. I have heard people saying they don't like Okra soup,ogbono soup is a very good substitute. Let's get to the business of the day. HOW TO MAKE OGBONO SOUP. INGREDIENTS. Ogbono seed (grounded)        1 cup. Cow or goat meat                    400 grams Pumpkin leaves (ugwu)              1 small bunch (sliced) Fresh pepper                           4-5 pieces. Irvingia nuts. Photo credit: JFU Palm oil                                    1 cup.  Crayfish (grounded)               2 tablespoons. Dry fish (optional). Stock fish                                 1 big head. Knorr Seasoning cubes          3 cubes. Salt                                           1 and half teas