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Making your foods goal come alive.

Before now, I used to be scared of going to the grocery store or market because me inside a grocery store is like a kid in a candy store. My heart will start playing tricks on me like I need virtually everything in the store and I will end up spending more than the required budget. So I can relate big time when you tell me it has not been easy for you working on your budget or you are 'shopiphobic' (of course there is nothing like that). Trying this shopping tips will go a long way.
  • MAKE A SHOPPING LIST: Making a shopping list is a normal thing we all (or almost all) do when we go grocery shopping and still go get more than we planned. On the bright side, this is what I do; I try as much as possible to write almost the exact price of food stuffs i want to buy. I also make sure to check my kitchen to make sure I really don't have any of the stuffs at home so I dont go buying What I have at home again.
  • HAVE A FIX PLAN OF WHAT TO COOK: Times without number have I seen people going to market to get something and they are coming back with something else. Before you go to the market, have your mind fix on what you want to cook and keep to it. This might not necessary be a one time meal plan. Just make make sure you know why you are going to the grocery store.
  • PLAN HEALTHY: This might be hard to believe but healthy meals give long lasting satisfaction than junk food and other unhealthy meals. Unhealthy meals gives this satiety kind of craving that makes you want to have more.
  • DO NOT GO TO THE MARKET HUNGRY: This one sounds weird right? The reason you are going to the market at first is because you are hungry right! But look at it this way, don't you have this urge at times that you would finish a full bowl of rice if given the chance because you are hungry. Is that the urge you want to take to a grocery store? a place where you can practically get everything you wish to eat? I don't think so.
  • DO NOT GO TO THE MARKET WITH TOO MUCH EXTRA CASH: Different times have I heard people saying one way to work with your budget is to go with the exact amount in your shopping list. That would work in a country where there is fix price to food stuffs and provisions. In a country like Nigeria where there is constant change in prices of goods in the market, you might need to carry few extra cash so as to rectify this uncertainties. Remember, NOT TOO MUCH.
  • AT TIMES, FULL PAYS MORE THAN BITS: I have realised that for some food products, to buy in full is more budget friendly than buying in bits. A whole chicken is cheaper compared to buying it in bits, a full block cheese is cheaper than grated cheese. You just need to be ready to do it you yourself.
  • ALWAYS MAKE GOOD INEXPENSIVE SUBSTITUTE: Going rigid on recipes can be very expensive. Try going flexible in some recipe by substituting expensive items for inexpensive one that have the same nutritional value. Like buying eggs or tofu instead of meat or fish (they are expensive). This way you will save few extra bucks, eat healthy and still not risk flavour.
  • CHALLENGE YOURSELF COOK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE AVAILABLE: Don't make it a habit to always run to the grocery store or market whenever you want to cook or eat. Try making do with what you have at home and save that money for something else. This shouldn't be always too. 
  • MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FUNCTIONING REFRIGERATOR BEFORE BUYING IN BULK. For as much as buying food in bulk is more cheaper, consider the shelf life. This is where a good refrigerator comes into play. Do not buy things that could get spoilt or be contaminated easily if you don't have a good refrigerator.

These are some of my shopping on a budget tips to help shop well and save money too. I would like to hear from you if you have any other tips you wish to share. We are here to help one another right. Thank you


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