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Bread-buns; The Tastiest pastry The Ondos Are Proud Of

One of the interesting thing about food the fact that you can't stop but marvel when you see some simple food that is almost street yet so sweet that it makes you wanna cry (especially food freaks likes me). I personally just love to feel the intimacy of the taste of every sweet or tasty food. I close my eyes to every bite and wishing that the taste last forever (Wake up Mike). I recently had such experience in Ikare, Ondo state, when I came across BREAD BUNS. Bread buns in Ondo is quite unique in a way that it kinda taste like bread and buns at the same time. This food is one of the most creative and delicate of work of bread makers I have seen so far. It's like making a well mixed bread dough, rolled like round like a swiss roll with butter in the middle. frying it instead of baking. Coming across a freshly fried and very hot breadbuns is like hitting a jackpot. There is no other sensation and luck one can ever pray for. In Ondo state, there are different variety