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Rice is a very common food in every part of the world. It popularity in Nigeria is even on a higher scale. An average Nigeria party without rice is no party at all. And just like every other part of the world that has a special rice recipe, Nigeria is not left out. There are basically six different rice recipes that are common in Nigeria and my dear bachelor, spinster or student, not knowing how to cook these recipes before marrying that foodie or leaving for school can be catastrophic. Okay let's help one another out with this recipes. 6. On the number six spot we have coconut rice . Sincerely this rice recipe is not in the rear because its bad. On the contrary, it is also sweet that you wont get enough of this food. The only thing that makes it number six is because it is not everyday and every body's food and the stress that comes with grating coconut for the juice. And while many people like to add the shredded flesh of coconut, i Just like my coconut rice with jus

How To Add Tofu To Your Simple And Delicious Efo Riro

MAKING EFO RIRO FOR VEGAN AND VEGETARIAN efo riro with tofu also known as awara. As a Nigerian, I used to think making veganism a thing in Nigeria is far cry. I mean, people diet quite alright; keto, Mediterranean, paleo and others, but staying away from meat, seafood, dairy product and lots more is hard.  I start to reconsider all these thought when i started exploring the world of veganism (am not saying i am a vegan or vegetarian). The recipes I tried were totally awesome. And amongst this totally awesome vegetarian recipes is the the Efo riro with tofu. This recipe is super easy, fast and low cost (as usual). Oya lets caught to the chase. Prep time: 15 mins Cook time: 15 mins Serve :3 people. INGREDIENTS An image of efo riro ingredients 4 pieces fresh and ripe tomatoes 6-7 pieces of fresh scotch bonnets peppers. 1 medium sized onion 10 pieces of freshly fried tofu (awara, gbeske). 2 full handful of blanched and sliced efo sho