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Top 7 online food jobs that you can start from home and get paid in Nigeria. 6 is legitimate and 1 is not or is it

working from home

Good day Guys. I bring you good tidings. Its no news to even the smallest among us that the corona virus pandemic is causing havoc every day; to our daily lives, that of people we know, our country and to the whole world at large. Many people have lost their jobs and for others who still has their jobs, their salaries have been slashed to half. Many countries are already experiencing an economic breakdown, recession and other situation that will affect the finances of your family.

 In all, the world is changing from the way we use to know it. It is no longer a survival of the fittest but the smartest. So for good foodies out there, I bring you good news. Instead of whiling away time online and doing almost nothing, you can channel your time and resources toward food-related services in exchange for cash. 
It is no longer a survival of the fittest but the smartest and the commited.
Here are the top 7 online food jobs that you can do from home.

1. Food delivery service: Since the beginning of the corona virus pandemic, there has a rapid increase in food delivery service. Like you, many, in their bid to stay safe in their homes, cannot go out to eat in restaurants. Even so, a lot of restaurants are on lock down too. So there is a need for food to be delivered to their various homes.
You too can start a food delivery business from your home, as long as you can cook good food. And to add to the groove, you don't need to go deliver it yourself. There are dispatch riders all over the place. They will help get your food to your customers.

2. Social media food class: This is very much in vogue now. many people deeply need a skill that they can harness as a side hustle. And because of the social distancing ruling put in place to reduce and even eliminate the spread of corona virus, people have no option than to seek it out online and at a cheaper rate than online courses offer. They then to opt-in for social media crash course classes. 

Platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, telegrams offer a closed group privilege, whereby the admin or host of a group can restrict and control the number and class of members needed in the group. This can be harnessed by cooking tutors to make sure only those that have shown interest and meet the group requirement will be allowed. As easy as it sounds, if proper planning and strategy are not put in place, it might flop. So in the coming week, I will be teaching you how to plan, strategize and run a successful social food class.
3. Private food class. This is quite related to the one discussed above. This is just more of a one on one interaction between the food tutor and students. Unlike the social media platform, this consumes more time, resources, but it pays more if you get your client right. Platforms like zoom, google meeting and Skype are a good mediums to get this food class done. And with these platforms, you can teach practically anything food.

4. Make Shift Nutritionist: This job entails putting potential clients through on what, how, where and when to eat. Knowing fully well that food is interpreted to different people differently, a make-shift nutritionist is there to fill the immediate role of connecting the dot between food and human health. This job is quite lucrative if you know what you are doing. That is why it is needed that you train yourself in human nutrition, as it is not enough to know how to cook.

5. Writing and selling of E-books: This has been a source of income for so many food lovers, food authors and blogger for a long time now. It is a lucrative venture if done properly.This work is very lucrative because people, in their bid to gain more knowledge will go to any length to get it. That includes buying books online. So if you can cook and  write, then maybe this is your calling. 

6. Food photography and video editing: This is where two great and lucrative skill intertwine. If you can get a hold of these skills independently, you are good to go. You never can tell the next big food brand that would need your service.

7. Food Blogging: Of course I didn't forget. Food blogging is simply putting your food knowledge in the world wide web to educate, inform and enlighten your readers on how to prepare a recipe, stay healthy and other food-related subjects. Food blogging is a very common profession in the food industry. 
And as I speak to you right now, somebody somewhere is starting a blog.

Starting a blog is relatively simple, the work lies in maintaining the blog. I won't lie to you that it is easy but if you get it right, it can pay your bills.

P.S. The jobs are arranged based on simplicity and likelihood to cash out fast. But I must say that it all falls back to passion, determination, know-how and resources.

Like I said earlier on, in the next coming weeks, I will be giving extensive lessons on how to go about each of these online jobs. But if you can't wait  till then, feel free to contact me on Whatsapp with
+234 906 155 5373. 

Also, feel free to add any other online job that was not mentioned here. We grow by learning from each other right?

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 To all those still doubting the corona virus stories around you, corona virus is REAL and DANGEROUS. So please STAY AT HOME and STAY SAFE. If you must go out, Wear your FACE MASK and practice physical distancing. Do not forget to regularly wash your hands. 



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