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10 Precise Steps on How Start a Food Delivery Business From Home In Nigeria.

The food delivery business is taking a drastic upward curve recently. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, people have decided to stay home, hone their cooking skills and provide food for those who are not chanced or don't know how to cook.  You too can start this very lucrative business if you are interested and you know you can run it. For those that have decided to go ahead with it, let's start you up.                                      Ten things you need to know and prepare for before starting a food delivery business/service. 1.Know what you are good at. If you must serve food, you must answer this question; what do I know how to prepare perfectly? you might be very good in the preparation of so many dishes, but what I preach majorly is to focus on your speciality. If you can bake, then go into the baking field. If you can cook very well, then do it.  You don't want to do trial and error with customers food. Wofai fada started with just Edikang ikong and she did pretty w

All you need to know about body detox. The steps on how to detox for weight loss and simple detox recipes

So, last week, my Elder sister came around with her kids and stayed for two days. Before she left, she prepared a very nice groundnut-rice pudding(which I will share with you soon). This pudding was so interesting that my younger brother had to take too many. Not to lie, I took a lot too. But like my brother.  To cut long story short, he began to constipate, felt very weak and was going to the toilet like now and then. That didn't stop him from eating hot fufu and ogbono soup the next day. This made matters worse and he has been trying to settle the matter by himself.  He took so many many medicines and analgesics but nothing. he was still feeling heavy and sluggish.  So I came in, put a full day detox plan and the science happened. See, the body has its way of healing itself and correcting abnormalities. If only we can step back a little bit, take some simple measures and super easy diet plan. Don't get me wrong, the body does not necessarily need any diet to eliminate toxins.